Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory

In “Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory,” Cy extends his visit to the Explorer’s Society. Watch Cy prepare for a fateful reunion. Learn more about the Infinity and its connection to an ancient nursery rhyme. Plus, a new cover for Cryptic, a teaser for Apex Predator, and the latest news on Vapor!

Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory

This week, I’m pleased to release the 5th page of Cryptic, “Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory.” In this entry, Cy visits the Lindbergh Auditorium at the Explorer’s Society. While preparing for his long-awaited reunion with Diane Blair, he reveals new information about the Infinity, including its connection to an ancient nursery rhyme. Check it out! And remember … if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to visit my Cy Reed world. Also, I’ve prepared a new cover for Cryptic. I’ll announce it officially later this week but if you want the preview, you can see it at the Cy Reed world page.

David Meyer Creations

My web presence has undergone about a dozen name changes over the years so get ready for one more …David Meyer Creations. I bought the domain last week. It’s rather long, but it’s a better reflection of what I’m trying to do here, namely build a number of exciting worlds for you to enjoy! Currently, I’m running two worlds … Cy Reed and Guerrilla Explorer. Apex Predator, my newest world, is next!

Apex Predator

Speaking of Apex Predator, I’m excited to offer the first teaser for this strange and terrifying world. You can see it first here. More is coming soon!


Vapor, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series, is still undergoing final edits. The cover is done and the formatting is largely complete. I’m still hoping to get the book into your hands this week, but it might get delayed a week or two depending on how final edits go. Again, no promises, but we’re working very hard to get this done and into your hands!

Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory


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