Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy

This week, we look at Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy, the fourth page from Cy Reed’s journal. Get ready to learn some intriguing clues about the Infinity, which appears to have been plaguing Manhattan since the sixteenth century. Plus, more website updates and the countdown to Vapor continues!

Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy

I’m pleased to release page 4 of Cy Reed’s journal, which I’ve entitled, Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy. As you’ll see below, Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy is a continuation of last weeks’ entry. It’s the second half of a newspaper article from 1916. It provides some curious details about the Infinity as well as about the long-forgotten and mysterious disappearance of eight Manhattan-based children. I don’t want to give too much away, so go read it for yourself! And if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to catch out my Cy Reed world. By the way, I’ve tentatively titled this edition of Cy Reed’s journal as Cryptic. At the moment, I’m adding page numbers and going through the process of reformatting old pages. Eventually, I’ll publish this story as a Cy Reed Journal paperback book and maybe an e-book for those of you who prefer hard copies or e-readers.

David Meyer Creations

I’m currently refocusing this website around the various worlds of what I’m currently calling, David Meyer Creations. That name, by the way, changes on a week-to-week basis! Anyway this week’s updates include general speed improvements to the blog page. Also, I’m rebuilding the front page to focus less on my individual books and more on my worlds, namely Cy Reed, Guerrilla Explorer, and the upcoming Apex Predator.


Vapor, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series, is currently undergoing final edits. I’m hoping to get the e-book into your hands the week of April 6. The paperback shouldn’t take much longer. No promises, but I’m working hard to make it happen.

Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy (Cryptic: Page 4)


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