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Broken Lands

Long ago, the mysterious Broken Apocalypse ravaged Earth, drying up its surface water and reducing its soil to dust. Billions perished of thirst. But a lucky few survived by tapping into deep, underground reservoirs.

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Broken Ties

Day and night, Titus Foster treks across the hinterlands, hunting for his hated brother, Dargon. Consumed with vengeance, he fails to see that Natica is splitting apart … until it's too late. A sudden, violent coup erupts in the heart of the city. Forced to flee, Titus races toward a legendary mountain fortress known as the Shell. An astonishing secret awaits him, one that could unite his people … or send them spiraling into civil war.

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Broken People

Titus Foster is broken. His home is gone. His people are dead. His friends are on the run. Dying of thirst, he'll hike across the deadly hinterlands for one last battle against an unbeatable foe. Will he save humanity? Or watch it take its final breath?

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David Meyer


I love Christ and seek to glorify Him. I also love to create. Besides writing, I enjoy journaling, drawing, building playsets and marble mazes, and coming up with funny voices for my kids. Regardless, my faith flows through everything I do, often in ways I don’t recognize until long after the fact.

I love my family and togetherness. And I do everything I can to resist the spirit of atomization that animates our age. Every day, I count myself blessed to call Julie my wife. We have two wonderful children, Ryden and Ember, and make our home in the second largest city in northern New England (i.e. the very small city of Nashua, New Hampshire!).