Cy Reed meets Captain Jellybones

Today, we’ve got another Cryptic page for you. It’s titled, “Cy Reed meets Captain Jellybones” and reveals that the Infinity has struck a blow against Manhattan … the apparent kidnapping of eight children from some of New York’s wealthiest families. What will Cy Reed do now? In other news, have you read Vapor, Cy Reed #4, yet? If not … why not? Get your copy today!

Cy Reed meets Captain Jellybones

We’re releasing our ninth page of Cryptic today and as you’ll see soon, things are really picking up speed. Cryptic, as most of you know, is our working title for Cy’s personal journals during the time period encompassed by Chaos. This week’s entry, “Cy Reed meets Captain Jellybones,” was written after Cy first broke into New York’s closed-off subway system. It features a flyer Cy collected just outside the 51st-53rd Street station complex. As you can see below, the flyer depicts characters from Captain Jellybones, a popular Internet cartoon series. As of today, we have yet to locate the person or persons that created this flyer. However, we do know that Captain Jellybones‘ creators had nothing to do with it.

As always, enjoy! And if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to visit the Cy Reed world.

Bought Vapor?

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Cy Reed meets Captain Jellybones

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