Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt?

Last week, we announced our brand-new Apex Predator site and revealed the first document from the ill-fated Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. This week, we push forward with the first of two photographs, sent by Joseph Dasnoe to famed monster hunter Theodore Roosevelt. Also, while you’re waiting for Apex Predator to launch, why not check out Vapor?

Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt?

Over the last eighteen months, our team of dedicated researchers has been pulling together any and all documents related to the infamous Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. In the process, we’ve compiled an incredible treasure trove of old photographs, letters, and other items related to this extremely strange period of American history. And as we prepare for the upcoming launch of Behemoth, the first book in the Apex Predator series, we’re taking the opportunity to release those documents to all of you!

This week, we’re publishing the first of a two-part photographic series. We’re calling this particular photograph, “Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt.” It represents Joseph Dasnoe’s second attempt at luring fabled monster hunter Teddy Roosevelt into the isolated Vallerio Forest in search of mysterious—and ungodly—creatures. Incidentally, the “curator note” at the bottom of this photograph was added by our research team. It will make much more sense when we release the second photo of this mini-series.

Our Apex Predator site is still growing. But make sure to stop by and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt

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