The Baltic Anomaly: The Lost Updates?

There’s still no word from the Ocean X Team on the Baltic Anomaly, a mammoth underwater formation or object of unknown origin. But there are still some things we can learn from the past. What are the Team’s “lost updates?”

Background on the Baltic Anomaly

Here’s the background. Last summer, the Ocean X Team used side-scan sonar to “photograph” a strange object deep in the Baltic Sea, approximately 260 feet below surface. It’s about 200 feet in diameter, with a tail stretching over 1,300 feet across the sea floor. Recently, the team returned to the site to give it a closer look (see the bottom of this article for our complete coverage of the Baltic Anomaly).

Let’s get one thing out of the way. We’re highly skeptical of the Baltic Anomaly. Between the vague and highly charged updates, the involvement of Titan Television, and dark hints at “military intervention,” we can’t help but wonder if this is a hoax to drum up publicity for the eventual documentary.

The Lost Updates?

That being said, we recently came across some interesting information. Back in August 2011, the Ocean X Team started a blog. It only lasted seven days and was subsequently removed from the Team’s website. There are only two places to access these “lost updates”…the Team’s original (now abandoned) Facebook page as well as archived comment pages. I won’t go into all of the updates. Some are fairly benign.

“A question that poped up was if we think ‘it’ still left and if we are monitoring the site. Here is my answer: ‘We think the anomaly is still there. We have not have had the site monitored due to lack of resources.'” ~ Peter Lindberg, Monitoring of Site, August 6, 2011

“…I do not know what the circle shaped anomaly can be. The anomaly is 60 meters (180 feet) across and not just 60 feet. Its about the same as the wing span of a Jumbo jet. The size of the anomaly is one of the reasons why we from the beginning found it a bit odd.” ~ Peter Lindberg, For Media, August 6, 2011

But at least two of the updates are somewhat intriguing. Here’s the first one.

“Speculations; In the area where we found ‘it’ there is approximately a 4-6 meter thick layer of glacial clay and on top of that a layer of sediment which is about 0,2 meters thick. Under the layer of glacial clay there is bedrock. At some places in the Baltic and Gulf of Bothnia the bedrock are [coming] up through the clay and ridges and hill-formations are formed. The area is in no way thermal active. Another thing is that this place was under the ice during the ice age which probably means that is not an old volcano crater. A crater should have been flatten out by the ice.” ~ Peter Lindberg, Speculations, August 9, 2011

Is the Baltic Anomaly a Hydrothermal Vent?

Assuming Lindberg is accurate, this calls into question our theory of a hydrothermal vent, or an underwater hot spring. We’ve long felt such a vent was the most likely explanation for the Anomaly. It would explain the radiation as well as the Anomaly’s strange shape.

“When hot water is expelled from a hot spring, it causes dissolved minerals and the surrounding soil to be driven outward. These materials eventually cool and harden in the water. All in all, this might account for the vast amount of disturbed seabed as well as an object that looks like a sandbar.” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: UFO…or just a Hot Spring?

Lindberg’s statement makes an active hydrothermal vent extremely unlikely. However, it certainly doesn’t cancel out the idea of an extinguished hydrothermal vent. A vent can “die” at any time for several reasons. For example, seismic activity might cause a chimney to collapse. Fluid would then build up in the blocked vent, effectively choking it out. Or the hydrothermal fluid could simply run out, exhausting the vent.

One Last Update

The second post we found interesting is actually a comment from Mr. Lindberg.

“…No military or governmental departments have been in contact with us. Someone else can go out to find out what we have found. It’s always a risk in this business that other parties interfere. The find is not protected by any laws or anything. If the find would be fish, oil, gas or minerals it will belong to a Baltic country since our find is within an economical zone but off the nearest territorial border.” ~ Peter Lindberg, Comment on Another Anomaly 2, August 11, 2011

We’ve got two observations about this post. First, there were no thoughts of “military intervention” as of August 2011. That all changed when The Ocean X Team started calling attention to military exercises in the vicinity of the Anomaly.

“Do you know that there is a large military exercise in the Baltic Sea now, with Germany U.S., england. why is it so … what do you think?” ~ Ocean Explorer, May 30, 2012

“Right now there is a military exercise in the area where both Russians and Americans are involved. I can not help but wonder why it is happening right now.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, Translated from Aftonbladet, May 31, 2012

These military exercises are real, but hardly unexpected. They are called BALTOPS and take place every year in the Baltic Sea. The fact that the Ocean X Team called attention to them strikes us as suspicious. It’s possible they did this to help build a cover story for military intervention.

Second, Lindberg is obviously a treasure hunter and seems inclined to deal with the facts. His cooly-worded statements are a far cry from the highly charged and ultra-vague statements recently issued by his partner, Mr. Dennis Åsberg.

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

You have to hand it to the Ocean X Team. They’ve done a marvelous job building up a captive audience. Many people, especially UFO enthusiasts, are on the edge of their seats. The Team accomplished this feat by teasing the possibility of something spectacular, such as a sunken city or a crashed UFO (on a side note, the fanciful image above of a crashed spaceship can be found on the Team’s website). The publicity campaign was necessary…without it, the Team wouldn’t have been able to afford any further expeditions to the Anomaly.

“It is not in our sphere of interest to go for this object since the cost for each hour out on the sea are tremendous. Since it might be nothing we can not afford spending funds just to have a look at it, even if it might be a ‘new’ Stonehenge standing on the bottom.” ~ Peter Lindberg

However, the successful publicity campaign now presents a problem. What if the Anomaly isn’t a UFO or a sunken city? What if it’s not even a shipwreck? What if it’s something rather mundane? How does the Team save face, especially after recent updates noted the discovery of “something unusual”? And how do they maintain interest for Titan Television’s documentary?

It’s possible the Ocean X Team has found something incredible. But if this is just a hoax of sorts, they still need to bring it to an end. No one else knows the exact location of the Anomaly. Thus, they could concoct any number of stories to cover up it’s true nature. One possibility that wouldn’t surprise us is if the Team claimed they were forced to evacuate the site due to “military intervention.”

“In other words, the Ocean X Team could hide the true nature of the Baltic Anomaly under the guise of ‘military intervention.’ That would leave everyone happy. It would help Titan sell its documentary on the ‘Baltic Cowboys.’ It would keep the Ocean X Team’s reputation intact. And it would give UFO enthusiasts yet another near-miss legend to kick around.” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: Another “Great Lakes Hoax”?


Guerrilla Explorer’s Coverage of the Baltic Anomaly

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  • Anonymous
    June 15, 2012 - 3:08 am · Reply

    Who knows what it is. Sure we’d all love it to be something mind blowing. And these guys can feed off that desire to make money.

    But it won’t hurt us to see what they report back with. I am not one of the investor’s after all.

    I did find this link which only adds to the “ufoey” hype that’s surrounding this issue…

    If this thing is a big hoax then those remote viewers must be in on it and it’s very elaborate. If it isn’t what they say it is then remote viewing will lose credibility…again.

  • David
    June 15, 2012 - 10:09 pm · Reply

    At this point, it appears the Ocean X Team got a little carried away drumming up publicity. As for the remote viewers, it indeed looks like they’ve lost credibility…again. Thanks for visiting!

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