The Baltic Anomaly: Answers at Last?

Nearly a year ago, the Ocean X Team discovered the Baltic Anomaly, a mammoth underwater formation or object of unknown origin. Now, they’ve finally wrapped up their return expedition. So, what did they find?

Background on the Baltic Anomaly

Let’s start with the background. On June 19, 2011, the Ocean X Team used side-scan sonar to “photograph” a strange object deep in the Baltic Sea, approximately 260 feet below surface. At the time, Peter Lindberg, co-founder of the Ocean X Team, jokingly declared “Hey guys, we have a UFO!

Return to the Baltic Anomaly!

On June 6, 2012, the Ocean X Team returned to the site. The Team issued two updates over the next five days.

“BREAKING NEWS 2pm, The divers are now down and investigating the circle and reports from the ship say they are really amazed. There is definitely something unusual hiding at the seabed – a Mystery Beneath. More information and pictures will be released next week.” ~ Ocean X Team on Site, June 7, 2:00pm

“Everything is top secret now … because of the risks … hope you all understand this is no game. But the truth will be reported shortly.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, Ocean X Team, June 10, 2012

Interest in the Anomaly’s exact nature surged. UFO enthusiasts were especially intrigued by the statements. Now, the Ocean X Team has emerged to finally tell the world about the “Mystery Beneath.” They published a press release and gave an exclusive interview to a Swedish media firm named Unfortunately, the press release is somewhat vague and the translated interview is difficult to understand. Still, we’ve done our best to piece this together.It turns out the circle-shaped formation is actually a mushroom-shaped “object,” standing 10-13 feet above the silt. The Team doesn’t actually state the “object” is a large stone, but that appears to be the implication. Its sides are rounded and the edges are described as “rugged.”

The “object” has several curious features. An “egg shaped hole” is positioned at the top. Also, several “strange stone circle formations” resembling “small fireplaces” are positioned around the object. These stones are covered in “something resembling soot.”

The Team took samples from the site. However, one suggestion is that the rocks are made of sandstone.

“There is probably some kind of sandstone. When you look at the structure, it looks like it.” ~ Martin Jakobsson, Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Stockholm

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

So, it would appear the Ocean X Team has discovered a natural formation. A curious formation perhaps, but still, a natural formation. Nevertheless, they are working hard to maintain the level of mystery they’ve carefully built up over the last year.

“First we thought this was only stone, but this is something else. And since no volcanic activity has ever been reported in the Baltic Sea the find becomes even stranger. As laymen we can only speculate how this is made by nature, but this is the strangest thing I have ever experienced as a professional diver.” ~ Peter Lindberg, Co-founder of Ocean X Team

But what is this natural formation? And how did the rocks end up in such a nice circle? One clue lies in the fact that the Baltic Sea was under ice during the last Ice Age. Thus, these rocks might actually constitute a moraine. In other words, as an ice sheet retreated, the rocks slid down a cone of ice to form a circular shape.Regardless, it appears the Baltic Anomaly is no longer much of an anomaly. That’s not to say it isn’t interesting on its own merits. However, we must take issue with the Team’s recent publicity campaign. In particular, Dennis Åsberg’s quote about everything being kept “top secret” because of “the risks” now appears a little ridiculous. Obviously, the Ocean X Team was trying to maintain excitement among the UFO enthusiasts, even as it knew it was investigating a natural formation.

As most of you know, we’ve been the lead skeptic of the Baltic Anomaly. Between the vague and highly charged updates, the involvement of Titan Television, and dark hints at “military intervention,” we couldn’t help but wonder if this was a hoax to drum up publicity for the eventual documentary. And although the “military intervention” never came to pass, it appears we were right about the publicity angle. With that said, we’re pleased the Team came forward with this information and the images.Some UFO enthusiasts remain skeptical. And indeed, the photographs bear little resemblance to the original side-scan “photograph.” Do they have a point? We’ll take a closer look at that tomorrow.


Guerrilla Explorer’s Coverage of the Baltic Anomaly

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