Groove Riding (Crashcourse, Day 13)

Welcome to Day 13 of Crashcourse!

Swings are still awesome.
Took a turn on the swing set yesterday.

Crashcourse slows down again, but never fear. We’re still going plenty fast and I’ve got a few ideas on how to speed things up even more!

Slowing Down a Bit

It’s kind of interesting that this blog series has discussed editing at such great length so early into Crashcourse. I’ve considered my editing strategies to be a problem for a long time but I don’t think I realized how much they bothered me until now. From that standpoint, this blog series has been a great help. It’s pushed me to separate editing from creative writing and I think I’m benefitting from that.

So, I wrote 2,238 words today in two hours and ten minutes. That’s 1,033 words per hour, my lowest rate since I started this experiment. Why is that? Two reasons come to mind. First, I’m fighting the urge to edit as I go. A part of me worries the story is becoming too big, too unwieldy. So, this is eating up clock and more importantly, headspace. Second, I’m just not immersed in the story right now. I think that’s because I’m only writing in short spurts. I’m having trouble getting started in the morning and I’m taking lots of breaks. As a result, I never get into a groove. And groove riding is important right now since the basics are pretty much laid out and I have to start building upon them. This requires more thought and effort. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to park myself in my chair for at least four hours per weekday and two hours per weekend day. Maybe longer if I feel the need.

On the bright side, I’m trailblazing some interesting paths with this story. Madkey is starting to take shape as Randy Wolf navigates its hallowed (and strange) halls. I don’t want to reveal to much about the school right now, but at first blush it’s not based in a castle, brick building, or anything else you’d expect.

Crashcourse Totals

Daily Total: 2,238 words in 2:10. 1,033 words/hour

Total: 9,382 words in 14:20. 655 words/hour

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