Fighting off the Edits! (Crashcourse, Day 12)

Welcome to Day 12 of Crashcourse!

Nice flowers!
Doing a little brainstorming on the way home from my gym.

Another day down and I’m still not up to a full workload. Even worse, my critical voice is chomping at the bit to do some editing. But things are looking up, nonetheless!

I’m Starting to Sound like a Broken Record Here, But …

First things first. I logged 2,717 words in two hours today. That’s well below my hour rate for the last two days, but still mighty good. My words are still very raw. So raw, in fact, that a part of me is starting to worry. Don’t get me wrong. I kind of like what I’m doing. The story is moving forward and seems to be taking a few interesting twists along the way. But it’s, thus far, heavy on action and light on description and emotion. I’m not even sure if I’ve actually described Randy Wolf or his friends yet. Plus, I’m repeating myself and sentences aren’t always in chronological order. It feels so free, yet utterly unsettling to write this way. Which is probably why my critical voice is quietly nagging at me, telling me that I should maybe start editing a few passages. Maybe write free in the day, then edit at night! What could go wrong?

If you’ve been reading this blog series, you already know the answer … plenty. Editing while writing has always been the bane of my existence. And yet, my critical voice keeps coming up with new reasons or ways for me to do it. I’ve written ~4,500 words in the last three hours of writing and it’s been a fun experience. And still, I’m tempted to go back to my old ways. I won’t do it, but this is a tough fight.

I haven’t talked about the story lately, but it’s getting interesting. Randy is a thirteen-year old magic school dropout. He works as an orienter, helping to bring in new students to Madkey (his old school). But his first real recruitment job goes bad and he’s confronted with a very old enemy of Madkey’s headmaster and staff. Now, he’s back at school, a little worse for wear, and trying to move on with his life. Something tells me it won’t be easy.

Crashcourse Totals

Weekend Total: 2,717 words in 2:00. 1,359 words/hour

Total: 7,144 words in 12:10. 587 words/hour

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