Treadwell Fire: An Apex Predator Original!

It’s Apex Predator Thursday and to celebrate, I’m releasing the fifth document from the Dasnoe Expedition collection. Our archivist staff calls it the Treadwell Fire article and it provides early insight into how far Miles Spencer Corbotch, patriarch of the Corbotch empire, was willing to go in order to hush up the truth about the Dasnoe Expedition.

Treadwell Fire Blazes Forth!

Today, I’m releasing the fifth document—the Treadwell Fire article—of our Dasnoe Expedition collection. As background, the Dasnoe Expedition was led by famed zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe. Back in 1904, he received permission from Miles Spencer Corbotch and the Corbotch Foundation to visit northern New Hampshire’s vast—and largely unexplored—Vallerio Forest. Accompanied by numerous Highforth College faculty members and students, Dasnoe set forth on September 24, 1904. Just four days later, he was forced to cut the expedition short when six students fell prey to a pack of animals, widely reported in the media as wolves. Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his short life trying to convince an uncaring public that the creatures who’d attacked his expedition weren’t wolves.

Rather, they were something else.

Today, we’re pleased to share the Treadwell Fire article with you. Originally featured in The Gazette, it was the first article to go to press detailing the infamous Treadwell Fire of 1904 that ripped through Newark, New Jersey, killing 56 people and leveling some 500 structures in its wake. Historians have yet to definitively link the fire to the Corbotch empire. However, many conspiracy theorists are quick to point out the fire’s likely origin point—the Treadwell offices—as well as Joseph Dasnoe’s connection to those offices.

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Future Projects

One of my goals for 2015 and beyond is to start publishing more stories. Ideally, one every couple of months. While I still intend to write full-length novels, I’d also like to try my hand at novellas and short stories. So, what’s on the agenda for this year?

Behemoth: I’ve got two Apex Predator stories in development. The main story, codenamed Behemoth, is ~100 pages long so far. As I mentioned on Monday, I’m using a technique I like to call shadow writing. There’s no outline, no plan. It’s just me writing into the shadows, slowly shedding light on the stories in my subconscious. This past week, I’ve been cycling back a lot, changing and altering things in order to suit where the story seems to be going. June is going to be a busy month for me, but I’m hoping to have a solid draft done by the end of July and in your hands by the end of August. Goal: August 31, 2015.

Collapse: The first draft for Cy Reed #5, codenamed Collapse, is done. I think the main story is good, but the subplots leave a lot to be desired. Plus, I wrote the draft prior to finishing Vapor so other things need to change as well. This is another tough one to estimate, but I’m hoping for a four-month turnaround. Goal: December 31, 2015.

And what’s after that? I’d like to write a Cy Reed Origins series, chronicling Cy’s shift from archaeologist to treasure hunter / salvage expert. Hopefully, early 2016?

Treadwell Fire


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