The Reason for God

Over the last week, I’ve been consuming books by former Presbyterian pastor, Timothy Keller. Partly because my WIP is about the Garden of Eden. But mostly for personal reasons. My father-in-law, Richard Platt, passed away on Saturday, after a long battle with a veritable mountain of ailments. And so, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the subject of death as well as about what lies ahead of us.

I came to Timothy while watching a sermon from now-former pastor and family friend, Pete James. Pete mentioned three favorite authors, with C.S. Lewis and Timothy Keller being two of them (the third one escapes my memory). So, I watched one of Timothy’s sermons on YouTube (The Wounded Spirit) and was blown away by it. Right away, I bought his first book, The Reason for God.

Suffice it to say, it was truly eye-opening. I thought I understood Christianity before this, but nope. Not even close. Rather, my views were similar to those of the Pharisees. That is, people should, by and large, avoid sin and attempt to live as morally as possible. Which, to my astonishment, was utterly wrong. Even my working definition of “sin” was wrong. So, yeah … I’ve got a lot of soul-searching to do. Perhaps strange to say, but I’m excited about it!

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