The Baltic Anomaly: What is Going on Here?

The investigation of the Baltic Anomaly is largely complete and the story has come to an end. Or has it?

Background on the Baltic Anomaly

As a reminder, on June 19, 2011, the Ocean X Team used side-scan sonar to “photograph” a strange object deep in the Baltic Sea, approximately 260 feet below surface. Peter Lindberg, co-founder of the Ocean X Team, jokingly declared “Hey guys, we have a UFO!” However, after a large publicity campaign and a new expedition, the Team discovered the Anomaly primarily consisted of large rocks.

The Baltic Anomaly Story isn’t Over Yet

However, the Ocean X Team has managed to keep the story alive, mostly by invoking the unknown. Check out these recent quotes from Dennis Åsberg, co-founder of the Ocean X Team.

“This experience is like a dream, it’s something very strange we’ve found. and this is only the beginning of something very very big, we will return to the site shortly .. but now I’m home and processing all the data we have … We have also provided the data to the researchers …. To be continued.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, June 16, 2012

“it is very difficult to answer all the questions I get … but one thing is sure … I will do all that necessary to get all the facts …. we are 100% that we’ve found something [very strang] and we work with all the facts now, but we will return to the object to collect more samples and more. — this is just the beginning … more facts is coming soon.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, June 16, 2012

“We have no answer to what we have found yet. it has become more and more strange now than before.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, June 17, 2012

We have some new information to kick around as well. For example, the Baltic Anomaly is not highly radioactive.

“There are no high levels of radioactive materials.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, June 17, 2012

After its initial side-scan sonar of the area, the Ocean X Team reported six times normal radiation levels on its anchors. While far from lethal, this was still an unusual find and contributed to our theory of an extinguished hydrothermal vent. Unfortunately, Dennis’s wording is vague so it’s impossible to tell if the area has any excess radiation or if the levels are completely normal.

Dennis also provided a little more information on the Baltic Anomaly’s main feature…the Circle.

“there is much that is strange … We have one or more holes in the object … We also have 90 degree angles …. we have not been able to take some samples because of its hardness … but many samples are taken … I as a person am very surprised.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, June 16, 2012

The hole is “egg shaped” and measures 6-10 inches in diameter. The depth of the hole is unknown. However, there are any number of natural processes which could cause such a hole. Also, the Circle consists of smaller stone boulders, measuring 8 feet wide and 26 feet long. The stones are separated by channels. With so much surface area, the discovery of “90 degree angles” isn’t all that surprising.

Strange Phenomena surrounding the Baltic Anomaly?

Perhaps the most intriguing news comes from a new article at A diver from the Ocean X Team, Stefan Hogeborn, discussed some of the strange phenomena he experienced while near the Baltic Anomaly. The translation is awkward, but from what we can gather, the Team’s satellite phone failed for a little while. He speculates that a “magnetic field” might have interfered with it and notes that the phone worked fine once they’d left the area.

He experienced other equipment failures as well. His dive lamp broke. His DV camera stopped working. After restarting it, he proceeded to film the “object.” But after resurfacing, he discovered the tape was blank.

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

So, what conclusions can we draw from all this? First, publicity continues to play a major role in this story. When the Baltic Anomaly was revealed to be nothing more than some rocks, many spectators (especially UFO enthusiasts) lost interest. However, recent posts from Dennis as well as this supposed “magnetic field” have managed to recapture some of that lost interest.

Second, the Team is working hard to turn this publicity into cash. We’ve already talked extensively about the Team’s documentary with Titan Television. Now, another angle is starting to emerge…tourism. The Ocean X Team has created a submarine with the help of Silvercrest Submarines. They plan to use this sub to take wealthy tourists down to the bottom of the Baltic Sea in order to view the Anomaly close-up.

And that bring us to our third conclusion…the Baltic Anomaly will never be solved. That’s not because it can’t be solved but rather because the Ocean X Team has no incentive to solve it. The chances of the Anomaly being anything other than a natural formation are exceedingly small. So, if the Ocean X Team were to answer all the questions, most people would lose interest in the story. Few people would watch a documentary about a natural rock formation. Even fewer people would be willing to pay money to see it on a tour.

Like the Ocean X Team, we here at Guerrilla Explorer are treasure hunters. So, we recognize the tremendous value of unsolved mysteries. The yearning to solve them creates enormous profit potential. Thus, we expect the Ocean X Team to do everything in its power to keep the Baltic Anomaly exactly what it is…an unsolved mystery.


Guerrilla Explorer’s Coverage of the Baltic Anomaly

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