The Baltic Anomaly: Is it a Hoax?

The Ocean X Team has finally returned to port after investigating the Baltic Anomaly, a mammoth underwater formation. Is there something down there? Nothing at all? Or is this just a massive hoax?

Background on the Baltic Anomaly

Here’s the background. Last summer, the Ocean X Team used side-scan sonar to “photograph” a strange object deep in the Baltic Sea, approximately 260 feet below surface. It’s about 200 feet in diameter, with a tail stretching over 1,300 feet across the sea floor. Recently, the team returned to the site to give it a closer look.

On June 10, Dennis Åsberg, one of the cofounders of the Ocean X Team, posted his latest update on Facebook.

“Everything is top secret now … because of the risks … hope you all understand this is no game. But the truth will be reported shortly.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, Ocean X Team, June 10, 2012

The Ocean X Team’s ship, the Ancylus, is back in port. Curious onlookers have been swarming it, photographing the crew and equipment. There is talk of a press conference, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

Accusation that the Baltic Anomaly is a Hoax?

However, that’s not the only new information. recently announced the discovery of “documents stored on the team’s website that strongly suggest that the Baltic Sea anomaly is nothing more than a publicity stunt to raise money.” The documents are now gone, but still available in web cache form. One document is the group’s budget. Another appears to be an investor letter. It includes the following paragraphs (translated with Google Translate and with a few adjustments).

“Ocean X Team will do their utmost to raise awareness of the Circle project thus attracting considerable media value, which can be used in advertising. So far, about 700 million viewers around the world have been reached through news broadcasts, Internet-based news outlets are not included.”

“Is the circle something that can be salvaged and which is worth the money? If the circle is a natural resource, the OX can not guarantee income as it is within an economic zone.” ~ Ocean X Team, Investor Letter

Honestly, I think Disclose TV is overreacting here. None of this is a surprise. The Ocean X Team are professional treasure hunters and I can’t fault them for trying to do everything within their power to profit from the Baltic Anomaly.

Is this a Hoax?

Still, the question remains…is this a hoax, perhaps similar in spirit to the 2006 Great Lakes Dive Company hoax? Well, there’s no indication the Ocean X Team has lied about anything. Also, they have a reputation to protect, especially since they will need outside funds for their other projects, such as the “three missing Fabergé eggs.” And finally, the second paragraph from the investor letter above indicates the Team was unsure of what it would find, if anything, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

However, we remain highly suspicious of a hoax. The entire expedition is being filmed by Titan Television. Titan has apparently reserved the website,, for the eventual documentary. If the Baltic Anomaly turns out to be a natural formation, which is far and away the most likely possibility, how will Titan monetize its film? One possibility is to play the “military intervention” card. That is, the Ocean X Team could claim they are being forced to keep quiet by outside forces. That way, the documentary ends in mystery rather than disappointment. Interestingly enough, the Ocean X Team has called attention to military exercises in the vicinity of their search at least twice in the last two weeks.

“Do you know that there is a large military exercise in the Baltic Sea now, with Germany U.S., england. why is it so … what do you think?” ~ Ocean Explorer, May 30, 2012

“Right now there is a military exercise in the area where both Russians and Americans are involved. I can not help but wonder why it is happening right now.” ~ Dennis Åsberg, Translated from Aftonbladet, May 31, 2012

These military exercises are real, but hardly unexpected. They are called BALTOPS and take place every year in the Baltic Sea. However, they could still be used as a cover story for military intervention.

“The odds of finding a UFO are beyond miniscule. And no one’s going to buy a documentary about a hot spring. So, we can’t help but wonder if the purpose of the May 30 tweet was to lay the groundwork for a story about ‘military intervention.’ Ufologists are paranoid about government cover-ups of alien spacecraft, perhaps rightly so. However, that same paranoia can be tapped into by unscrupulous people looking to make some money.” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: A New Discovery?

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

After investigating it, the Ocean X Team claims the Baltic Anomaly is real, calling it “something unusual hiding at the seabed.” Assuming that’s the case, we here at Guerrilla Explorer think the Baltic Anomaly is nothing more than a hot spring. A hot spring would explain the initial radiation reported by the Ocean X Team, as well as the Anomaly’s strange shape.

“When hot water is expelled from a hot spring, it causes dissolved minerals and the surrounding soil to be driven outward. These materials eventually cool and harden in the water. All in all, this might account for the vast amount of disturbed seabed as well as an object that looks like a sandbar.” ~ David Meyer, The Baltic Anomaly: UFO…or just a Hot Spring?

We don’t want to be completely skeptical. It’s very possible the Ocean X Team has discovered a shipwreck or something else of interest. And if not, it’s very possible the team will be upfront about what they find. However, our skepticism on both counts is still growing.


Guerrilla Explorer’s Coverage of the Baltic Anomaly

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