One More Day Until…CHAOS!

Tonight at midnight (EST), I’m officially launching Chaos. It’s a thriller/adventure novel that deals with all the things we love here at Guerrilla Explorer…forgotten history…stolen treasure…strange science…and the “lost world” of tunnels under New York City. If you like Indiana Jones or novels by the likes of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Steve Berry, or Douglas Preston, then you’re going to love Chaos.

Chaos by David Meyer

Chaos Description

To locate his missing friend, former urban archaeologist Cy Reed must piece together his shattered life and return to the one place on earth he truly fears…Manhattan.

Soon, he’s storming through flooded subway tunnels, discovering a lost laboratory, battling a mysterious man-eating beast, and scaling a mountainous skyscraper. But as he plunges deeper into the strange and murky legends surrounding a piece of forgotten technology, he begins to untangle a staggering conspiracy.

More than sixty years ago, a Nazi physicist created a weapon capable of setting the world aflame. Now, a diabolical industrialist plans to finish the job. At stake is the future of a nation…millions of innocent lives…and one man’s final chance at redemption.

Just One More Day Until Chaos!

Chaos will be available as a physical book on as well as pretty much any place e-books are sold. And you’re going to want to get your copy soon…very soon. Because starting next week, we’ll be hosting a book club here at Guerrilla Explorer. But this won’t be your ordinary book club. Instead, we’ll be discussing the shocking mysteries, lost treasures, and unbelievable history that helped to inspire Chaos. You’re not going to want to miss it.

So, as soon as Monday, October 17 comes around, get on your computer and order your very own copy of Chaos. Thanks for your support!

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