Darwin’s Lost Fossils?

In 1847, famed botanist Joseph Hooker set out on an expedition to the Himalayas. While he was gone, his fossil collection – including pieces found by Charles Darwin during his famous Beagle voyage – vanished. What happened to them?

The Lost Fossils of Charles Darwin?

The lost fossils of Charles Darwin have been missing for more than 160 years. Now, they’ve been found. Here’s more on the lost fossils of Charles Darwin from the BBC:

A “treasure trove” of fossils – including some collected by Charles Darwin – has been re-discovered in an old cabinet. The fossils, lost for some 165 years, were found by chance in the vaults of the British Geological Survey HQ near Keyworth, UK…

…Dr Falcon-Lang, who is based in the department of earth sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London, spotted some drawers in a cabinet marked “unregistered fossil plants”. “Inside the drawer were hundreds of beautiful glass slides made by polishing fossil plants into thin translucent sheets,”…

(See the rest on Darwin’s fossils at the BBC)

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