Corbotch Memo: An Apex Predator Exclusive!

This week, our archivist team is pleased to release our fourth document from the Dasnoe Expedition collection. Dubbed the Corbotch Memo, it offers disturbing background on the upcoming Apex Predator world.

Corbotch Memo Surfaces!

We’re pleased to release the fourth document of our Dasnoe Expedition collection today. The Dasnoe Expedition was led by famed zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe. Back in 1904, he received permission from the Corbotch Foundation to visit northern New Hampshire’s vast—and largely unexplored—Vallerio Forest. Accompanied by numerous Highforth College faculty members and students, Dasnoe set forth on September 24, 1904. Just four days later, he was forced to cut the expedition short when six students fell prey to a pack of animals, widely reported in the media as wolves. Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his short life trying to convince an uncaring public that the creatures who’d attacked his expedition weren’t wolves.

Rather, they were something else.

Today, we’re pleased to share the Corbotch Memo with you. Prepared by famed financier Miles Spencer Corbotch, it dictates a series of protocols designed to keep the truth about the Dasnoe Expedition under wraps. The last protocol is particularly chilling.

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Corbotch Memo

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