Characters Forming Around Me (Crashcourse, Day 20)

Welcome to Day 20 of Crashcourse!

Here’s a small part of my writing space. The painting, which I got in Mexico, is spray paint street art.

Creative editing continues on Crashcourse and I’m starting to see this story develop into something real and unique. It’s amazing to see art come to life.

Characters Forming all Around Me

Creative editing continued today and I’m forced to admit it’s way more involved than I’d first expected. With that said, I only added a net 569 words in 4 hours. But I’m not viewing that as a bad thing. You see, I thought I was only adding a new section to the story. But it turns out I’m changing a lot of things, lighting countless new paths through Crashcourse. Which means the story is changing and growing before my eyes. It’s awesome to see and helps me remember why I started writing in the first place. By the way, I decided to include creative editing under my total writing time since I’m interested in knowing how many actual writing hours it takes me to finish a story. By the time this is over, my words/hour rate will probably look pretty sad!

Today, a lot of work was devoted to three characters. Randy Wolf, of course, who’s turning out to be more resourceful than I anticipated given his status as a recent dropout. At first, he was a bit skittish and uncertain of himself. But it turns out he’s got a quiet sort of bravery and resilience to him. Next up is Thaddeus Crucible, a pea coat-wearing magician with strange powers who seems to have been erased from the collective memory. And finally is Headmaster Lancton Boltstar, the world’s greatest magician and a fashion plate  in his own right. Boltstar is an old-fashioned type of chap, dapper in his derby/vest combo. But don’t mess with him. I’ve got a great picture of him in my mind, by the way. I was this close to drawing his derby tonight. Hmmm … maybe tomorrow? We’ll see!

Crashcourse Totals

Daily Total: 569 words in 4:00. 142 words/hour

Total: 18,508 words in 27:42. 668 words/hour

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