Around the Solar System…in Six Minutes?

A few months ago, we wrote about a fascinating movie enabling one to virtually circle the Earth in less than a minute. Along those lines, we’ve got another interesting video for you today (yes, we’re on a bit of a space exploration kick). But while the other video focused on Earth, this one encompasses the entire solar system.

Around the Solar System…in Six Minutes?

Check it out…just six minutes to visit the entire solar system. Incredible huh? It was created by game developer Christopher Albeluhn. It contains all eight planets (ahh, poor Pluto), their moons, the asteroid belt, and all 88 constellations. Here’s the description of the video…

“The Solar System – Explore your backyard” is a highly immersive application that illustrates rather well the vastness of the world around us. Information regarding planets, constellations and countries are available at the click of a button, and in a fashion rarely seen. Rather than simply telling you the facts, I find that it’s easier to show you; This means that instead of just reading about the gravitational pull or cross section of a planet, you get to view it in 3D in real time. ~ Christopher Albeluhn

Albeluhn plans to develop this simulation into a product. If you like his work, consider picking up a copy of The Solar System – Explore Your Backyard at his website.

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