Are you ready for BEHEMOTH?!

I’ve waited a long time to say this … BEHEMOTH is here! BEHEMOTH is the first book in my brand new Apex Predator series and it’s full of all the things you’ve come to love about the Cy Reed books … explosive action, multi-layered mysteries, shocking twists, and vicious monsters.

BEHEMOTH has been in the works for a while now. I even did a stint in a well-known survival school to prep for it. The result is something I’m extremely proud of and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

Now, let’s take a look at BEHEMOTH!

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer


“Zach Caplan halted at the corner of 73rd Street and York Avenue. His eyes closed over. His head tilted skyward and he perked his ears. The cry had rung out from half a block away, filling his brain with its strangely pleasing resonance. There was something horribly wonderful about the cry of prey, about the roar of a pursuing predator. Horrible because of death’s finality. Wonderful because death, in so many ways, fostered new life. For the first time in forever, Caplan felt at home.”

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

The Vallerio Forest. Millions of acres of undeveloped land, cut off from the outside world by giant fences, armed guards, and government edicts. It’s widely considered an ecological paradise. But beneath its majestic canopy lies a dark underbelly of strange creatures, secret facilities, and horrifying experiments.

Five months ago, survival expert Zach Caplan swore off the wild and moved to New York City. But when trouble strikes his ex-girlfriend, famed biologist Amanda Morgan, he must return to the forest that nearly destroyed him. This, however, will prove far more difficult than he could ever imagine.

For something is stirring within the Vallerio. Something ancient, something deadly. And as Caplan fights to untangle the terrifying truth about the dark forest, he will come to an inescapable conclusion. The fate of humanity is in his hands … and one wrong move could mean extinction.

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