ManyBooks Interview with David Meyer

Want to know what ancient Wonder of the World would’ve been on the top of my checklist to explore? How Cy Reed differs from Indiana Jones? Why I count cartoonists like Chester Gould, Al Capp, Milton Caniff, and Alex Raymond amongst my favorite authors? Then check out my Manybooks interview to learn all about my books, inspiration, life, and more!

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ManyBooks Interview with David Meyer

Author David Meyer is not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to doing research for his action/adventure thrillers. From searching for ancient Maya ruins to close encounters with sharks, his own adventures come close to rivaling that of Cy Reed, his lead character in Torrent. Today we talk to David about his fascination with ancient architecture, designing his own book covers and what we can expect from him in the future.

Please give us a short introduction to Torrent.

Torrent is an action/adventure thriller, perfect for fans of Indiana Jones and Dirk Pitt. It follows Cy Reed, a renowned treasure hunter and salvage expert, as he hunts down the deadly secrets of a lost Maya vault.

What fascinates you about the pyramids and other ancient architecture?

I love the endless mystery of ancient structures and incorporated that love into Torrent. Despite many years of study, even the most well-known ancient buildings still hold secrets that are waiting to be discovered …

Your book contains a lot of information about Mayan culture. How much research did you have to do about the subject?

Plenty, much of which was gained on the ground. Awhile back, I spent a couple of weeks in Central America, trekking through Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize in search of ancient Maya ruins. It was a memorable trip, full of adventure. In Guatemala, our vehicle smashed into a police car in front of a military outpost. The driver was hauled off to jail and I needed stitches to close up my leg. A few days later, I got bit while swimming with sharks in Belize. And not long after that, I bogged down on a swampy jungle road late at night, the sounds of eerie jaguar calls ringing in my ears. Now, those exact experiences didn’t make it into Torrent. But in many ways, they formed the spirit of the book.

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David Meyer - Thrilling Adventures And Deadly Secrets

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