And So It Begins … (Crashcourse, Day 1)

Welcome to Crashcourse!

Creative juices don't fail me now!

What am I getting myself into here???

The most common question I get from readers is: Where do you get your ideas? Well, guess what?

You’re about to find out.

What is Crashcourse?

Crashcourse is the working title for my next novel. It has no special significance. It just popped into my head and I’m going with it. It’s almost certain I’ll change it prior to publication.

This blog series is my attempt to document Crashcourse’s development. Right now, I’ve got nothing. No ideas, no characters, no settings. I’m going to start from scratch with nothing more than a fake title. So, this series will depict my entire creative process from beginning to end, laughs and tears alike. You’ll see how I create and develop characters and settings. You’ll watch as I work without an outline, driving the story forward and backward, dreaming up new ideas and dropping old ones. I’ll try to keep it visual too, with character sketches, photographs, maybe even the occasional movie. In short, you’ll see everything EXCEPT the actual book. Fair warning … spoilers are likely. Heck, they’re practically unavoidable since I won’t even know what’s a true spoiler until after the fact. Still, I’ll try to keep them limited so I don’t ruin your enjoyment of the final product.

Why Should I Care?

If you’re a fan of my stories, that question should be easy to answer. But even if you’ve never read one of my books, this should still be a lot of fun.

Most, if not all, writers work in seclusion. We spend a lot of time alone, thinking up ideas and pounding away at our keyboards. Plus, we’re a cagy bunch and protective of our work habits. As a result, the art of writing a book is often seen as mysterious, even mystical. This is your chance to see how one particular writer crafts a story out of thin air, with no planning or outlines.

Thanks for joining me on this journey … I hope you enjoy it!

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

Are you ready for BEHEMOTH?!


"Zach Caplan halted at the corner of 73rd Street and York Avenue. His eyes closed over. His head tilted skyward and he perked his ears. The cry had rung out from half a block away, filling his brain with its strangely pleasing resonance. There was something horribly wonderful about the cry of prey, about the roar of a pursuing predator. Horrible because of death’s finality. Wonderful because death, in so many ways, fostered new life. For the first time in forever, Caplan felt at home."

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

The Vallerio Forest. Millions of acres of undeveloped land, cut off from the outside world by giant fences, armed guards, and government edicts. It’s widely considered an ecological paradise. But beneath its majestic canopy lies a dark underbelly of strange creatures, secret facilities, and horrifying experiments.

Five months ago, survival expert Zach Caplan swore off the wild and moved to New York City. But when trouble strikes his ex-girlfriend, famed biologist Amanda Morgan, he must return to the forest that nearly destroyed him. This, however, will prove far more difficult than he could ever imagine.

For something is stirring within the Vallerio. Something ancient, something deadly. And as Caplan fights to untangle the terrifying truth about the dark forest, he will come to an inescapable conclusion. The fate of humanity is in his hands … and one wrong move could mean extinction.

Kindle * Paperback

Dasnoe Manuscript

Dasnoe Manuscript: An Apex Predator Original

It’s time for the sixth document from our Dasnoe Expedition collection, the legendary Dasnoe Manuscript! For years, historians believed all copies of Joseph Dasnoe’s The Dasnoe Expedition had been destroyed in the infamous Treadwell Fire of 1904. But they were wrong as you’ll soon see.

Dasnoe Manuscript: Found?

In honor of Apex Predator Thursday, I’m releasing the sixth document—the Dasnoe Manuscript—from our Dasnoe Expedition collection. As a reminder, the Dasnoe Expedition was led by famed zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe. Back in 1904, he received permission from Miles Spencer Corbotch and the Corbotch Foundation to visit northern New Hampshire’s vast—and largely unexplored—Vallerio Forest. Accompanied by numerous Highforth College faculty members and students, Dasnoe set forth on September 24, 1904. Just four days later, he was forced to cut the expedition short when six students fell prey to a pack of animals, widely reported in the media as wolves. Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his short life trying to convince the public that the creatures who’d attacked his expedition weren’t wolves.

Rather, they were something else.

Shortly after returning from his expedition, Prof. Dasnoe prepared a manuscript entitled, The Dasnoe Expedition. All copies of the book, including the original manuscript, were reportedly destroyed in the infamous Treadwell Fire of 1904. But I’m pleased to report that a single page, definitively linked to the Dasnoe Manuscript, has now been discovered. Stored for over a century in the confines of a dusty Newark library, my archivist team stumbled on it while researching the Treadwell Fire. As you can see below, the page—while incomplete—clearly mentions the Vallerio Forest. Be sure to check out the bottom of the Dasnoe Manuscript page, which just might explain what Prof. Dasnoe thought he saw in the Vallerio on that fateful day.

Our Apex Predator site continues to grow. So, make sure to stop by and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

Future Books / Projects

Not much writing since Monday for personal reasons. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Behemoth (Apex Predator 1): First draft is in progress at 26,421 words. I’ve been cycling back a lot, changing earlier parts of the book to match up with where the story seems to be going. It’s on a better track now, but still not the right one.

Bunker (Apex Predator ?): First draft is paused at 6,090 words.

Collapse (Cy Reed Adventure #5): First draft is finished at 74,535 words.

Dasnoe Manuscript

Infinity Subway Theory

Infinity Subway Theory: A Cy Reed Journal

This week in Cy Reed’s journal, Cy establishes an Infinity Subway Theory. Did the eight missing children disappear into Manhattan’s locked subway tunnels? How? And why?

Infinity Subway Theory

We’re pleased to release our 12th page of Cryptic today. Cryptic is our working title for Cy’s personal journals during the time period encompassed by Chaos. It focuses largely on his side investigation into a mysterious—and deadly—group known as the Infinity. This week’s entry, “Infinity Subway Theory,” is the last of a four-part mini-series. Here’s the first partsecond part, and third part.

“Infinity Subway Theory” contains the final inside page of a flyer Cy found just outside the 51st-53rd Street station complex. Like the other pages, it depicts a character from Captain Jellybones, a popular Internet cartoon series. An unknown person created the flyer in order to call attention to the sudden disappearance of eight children from extremely wealthy Manhattan-based families. In the margins, you can see Cy begin to theorize about how these kids, watched over by so-called “helicopter parents,” disappeared from their respective apartments without a trace. Manhattan’s subway tunnels, closed off at the time due to a labor strike, appears to be an important piece of the puzzle.

As always, enjoy! And if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to visit the Cy Reed world.

Future Books / Projects

You never know when an idea will come together. Setting specifics aside, two particular slices of history have always intrigued me. One deals with lost technology and a strange mystery of history. The other is an urban legend about a deadly weapon. They seemed perfect for the Cy Reed universe, but I could never figure out how to turn either one into a book. Well, a few days ago something clicked and I started thinking about what would happen if I combined the two slices. Part of the story crystalized in my head and I quickly scribbled down a few notes so I wouldn’t forget it. And that story will be Cy Reed #6, ladies and gentlemen.

In other news, I’ve only written about 1,000 net new words since Thursday’s post. That’s a little misleading though since I also rewrote or cut (mostly cut) some 20,000 words. Status reports are below …

Behemoth (Apex Predator 1): First draft is in progress at 26,421 words. I’ve been cycling back a lot, changing earlier parts of the book to match up with where the story seems to be going. It’s on a better track now, but still not the right one.

Bunker (Apex Predator ?): First draft is paused at 6,090 words.

Collapse (Cy Reed Adventure #5): First draft is finished at 74,535 words.

Infinity Subway Theory