Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory

Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory

In “Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory,” Cy extends his visit to the Explorer’s Society. Watch Cy prepare for a fateful reunion. Learn more about the Infinity and its connection to an ancient nursery rhyme. Plus, a new cover for Cryptic, a teaser for Apex Predator, and the latest news on Vapor!

Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory

This week, I’m pleased to release the 5th page of Cryptic, “Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory.” In this entry, Cy visits the Lindbergh Auditorium at the Explorer’s Society. While preparing for his long-awaited reunion with Diane Blair, he reveals new information about the Infinity, including its connection to an ancient nursery rhyme. Check it out! And remember … if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to visit my Cy Reed world. Also, I’ve prepared a new cover for Cryptic. I’ll announce it officially later this week but if you want the preview, you can see it at the Cy Reed world page.

David Meyer Creations

My web presence has undergone about a dozen name changes over the years so get ready for one more …David Meyer Creations. I bought the domain last week. It’s rather long, but it’s a better reflection of what I’m trying to do here, namely build a number of exciting worlds for you to enjoy! Currently, I’m running two worlds … Cy Reed and Guerrilla Explorer. Apex Predator, my newest world, is next!

Apex Predator

Speaking of Apex Predator, I’m excited to offer the first teaser for this strange and terrifying world. You can see it first here. More is coming soon!


Vapor, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series, is still undergoing final edits. The cover is done and the formatting is largely complete. I’m still hoping to get the book into your hands this week, but it might get delayed a week or two depending on how final edits go. Again, no promises, but we’re working very hard to get this done and into your hands!

Cy Reed Visits Hostile Territory


Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy (Cryptic: Page 4)

Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy

This week, we look at Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy, the fourth page from Cy Reed’s journal. Get ready to learn some intriguing clues about the Infinity, which appears to have been plaguing Manhattan since the sixteenth century. Plus, more website updates and the countdown to Vapor continues!

Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy

I’m pleased to release page 4 of Cy Reed’s journal, which I’ve entitled, Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy. As you’ll see below, Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy is a continuation of last weeks’ entry. It’s the second half of a newspaper article from 1916. It provides some curious details about the Infinity as well as about the long-forgotten and mysterious disappearance of eight Manhattan-based children. I don’t want to give too much away, so go read it for yourself! And if you need to catch up on old entries, make sure to catch out my Cy Reed world. By the way, I’ve tentatively titled this edition of Cy Reed’s journal as Cryptic. At the moment, I’m adding page numbers and going through the process of reformatting old pages. Eventually, I’ll publish this story as a Cy Reed Journal paperback book and maybe an e-book for those of you who prefer hard copies or e-readers.

David Meyer Creations

I’m currently refocusing this website around the various worlds of what I’m currently calling, David Meyer Creations. That name, by the way, changes on a week-to-week basis! Anyway this week’s updates include general speed improvements to the blog page. Also, I’m rebuilding the front page to focus less on my individual books and more on my worlds, namely Cy Reed, Guerrilla Explorer, and the upcoming Apex Predator.


Vapor, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series, is currently undergoing final edits. I’m hoping to get the e-book into your hands the week of April 6. The paperback shouldn’t take much longer. No promises, but I’m working hard to make it happen.

Cy Reed Investigates Infinity Prophecy (Cryptic: Page 4)


Vapor by David Meyer

Vapor is Coming & Cy Reed is Back!

Vapor is coming! After thirteen long months, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series is nearing completion. It’s been a long wait, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

Vapor is Coming!

I don’t want to give too much away at this point, especially since final edits are underway. But Vapor, formerly known as Miasma, is everything you’ve come to expect from the Cy Reed universe. Ancient mysteries, lost treasure, strange monsters, an epic conspiracy, and more! Plus, Vapor will see the introduction of many new characters, several of which will be sticking around for future novels. I still don’t have a firm release date, but I’m shooting for early to mid-April.

In the meantime, head on over to the brand new Cy Reed page. While you’re there, make sure to check out our newest feature, the Cy Reed Journals. Every Monday, we’re adding new pages from Cy Reed’s personal journal, detailing the exploits of a previously unpublished story that took place during the events of Chaos. Filled with sketches, newspaper articles, and other items, the journal tells the story of Cy’s encounter with a mysterious group known as the Infinity. But the Infinity isn’t a new threat … curiously enough, it’s been terrorizing New York City for over a century. Enjoy!

Vapor is coming!

Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity

Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity!

I have two quick announcements before we get to Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity, this week’s Cy Reed Journal entry.


First, Vapor is coming! Vapor (formerly codenamed Miasma) will be the fourth novel in my Cy Reed Adventures series. It’s been in the works for a loooong time. Look for the official cover later this week. The actual release date is still up in the air, but should be locked down soon. Just between us, I’m shooting for mid-April.

Website Updates

Second, I’m currently refocusing this website on the various worlds of David Meyer Universe. Hence, you can now visit the new Cy Reed world, which hosts all stuff related to our favorite treasure hunter / salvage expert. Currently, it contains information on the books, the Cy Reed Journal, and Cy Reed news. You can also see hints of what’s coming next … including a new book series! In addition, I’ve created a Guerrilla Explorer home to act as a storehouse for all Guerrilla Explorer-related articles. Also, I updated my About and Contact sections and adjusted my Blog section, which will cover news related to all aspects of David Meyer Universe. I also added a new section entitled Apex Predator. What is Apex Predator, you ask? You’re going to have to wait a little longer to find out. Regardless, this is a work in progress so expect to see things shifting about for the next few weeks.

Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity

Here is this week’s page from the Cy Reed Journal. It’s entitled, Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity. The reference to the Explorer’s Society indicates Cy obtained this article while visiting Dutch Graham’s office, a key early scene in Chaos. As you can see below, the Infinity has a long (and rather unsettling) history behind it. If you want to catch up on past Cy Reed Journal entries, be sure to visit the Cy Reed world!


Cy Reed Unearths the Infinity

Cy Reed Takes New York

Cy Reed Takes New York: What is the Infinity?

Over the last week, I completed the restoration of a new page from Cy Reed’s Journal. It’s called, Cy Reed Takes New York. I’ve attached it below.

Cy Reed Takes New York

Curiously enough, it refers to an entity known as, “The Infinity.” Since I hadn’t heard of such a group, I asked Cy for additional clarification. From what he tells me, the events of Chaos are only part of a larger story that took place during his return to New York. While Cy was tracking down Hartek’s cache of lost gold, he was also unraveling a second mystery in the city’s maze of underground tunnels. That story, never before told, will be detailed in upcoming journal entries. Needless to say, all of us here at Guerrilla Explorer Publishing are excited at the prospect of relaying this “brand new” Cy Reed adventure to you. Stay tuned!

Cy Reed Takes New York



Me on TV, Miasma, and Chaos

David Meyer in Montana

David Meyer in Montana

David Meyer on Television

Some big news for me lately. As reported on my Facebook Page …

Just got back from Montana where I was filming my first major television appearance. I can’t say much at the moment, but I had a great time. Expect it to premiere sometime in the next 6 to 9 months … stay tuned!

Miasma Update

In other news, I finally moved Miasma past the 1/3 point today. It’s been slow out of the gate, as I’ve spent way too much time revising early drafts. My first drafts are very messy and full of inconsistencies. Characters are flat. Some vanish for no reason. Others die only to be resurrected. Subplots get dropped. Story points don’t connect. Locations change, sometimes in the middle of chapters. Some scenes go on and on. Others move way too fast. And so on.

In the past, I’d write 50 pages, become frustrated with the problems, and revert to endless rewrites. And that would work … to a degree. The section would markedly improve. But when I’d try to move the story forward, I’d hit more walls as I attempted to connect the new, messy material with the older, polished stuff. I’d then go back and start over again, often writing the first section over and over again, in several different ways, as I tried to figure out how to make everything fit together.

I’ve come to realize my creativity comes in waves. The first draft is going to be messy no matter what I do. But at the same time, it contains a layer of creativity. Further drafts add more creativity. Characters get combined and fleshed out. Story points get connected. Scenes settle into place. Moving forward, I’m going to take advantage of this. My plan is to finish the first draft of Miasma, warts and all. Only then will I begin the creative rewrites.

Chaos Update

I published Chaos way back in October 2011. I read it the other day and found myself dissatisfied with the writing style. I still like the story. But it’s a bit bloated. So, I’m thinking about publishing a second edition. I’m not even halfway through my first take and I’ve already cut over 10,000 words. Anyway I hope to get this done within the next month or so. And don’t worry … if you’ve already bought Chaos you should be able to update it to the second edition with no problem.

Word Count

Miasma: 22,076 words / ~80,000 words

Chaos (Second Edition): 32,045 words / 83,135 words (Words Cut = 10,102)

First Draft of Cy Reed #3 is Done!

I finished the first draft of Cy Reed #3 earlier today. It’s tentatively titled Lost Canyon and clocks in at 404 pages. No idea on the publication date yet but I’m shooting for January 2014. I’d love to have it out sooner, but this book is going to require a little editing magic.

Today also marks the three-month anniversary of Ice Storm‘s publication. It wasn’t easy to get it out the door. On one hand, I was thrilled to put it behind me. On the other hand, it’s always hard to let a book out into the real world. I don’t have kids, but I imagine the feeling is  similar.

Anyway I didn’t have much clue how Ice Storm would do once it hit the market. Chaos sold reasonably well for a first novel but it certainly wasn’t a best-seller. Well, these past three months have been a wild run to say the least. I’m humbled to report Ice Storm has sold far better than even my wildest expectations.

I had my first real “sales breakout” on August 3 in the UK when Ice Storm cracked the Action & Adventure Kindle list at #84. I’m not sure where it peaked but it did get to #18 at one point and #483 in the overall UK Kindle store.

Ice Storm’s experience in the U.S. market has followed a different, but also exciting path. Since publication, it’s risen steadily in the overall Kindle rankings. It reached #7,864 a few days ago and has since settled back down to 11,478. I’m not sure if it’ll keep rising or not, but it’s been fun to urge it on.

The Future of Guerrilla Explorer?

Change is a good thing…I think.

David Meyer

Here I am!

Back in 2011, I was hard at work on a novel, which I eventually published as Chaos. I’d already decided to self-publish it. But I had no clue how to sell it. So, I followed the path taken by many other authors. I started a blog on May 21, 2011 called “The Life of a Thriller Author.” I updated it regularly, writing about the business of writing. I created a Twitter account and reached out to authors. I started following blogs written by those same authors. In short, I immersed myself completely within the community of on-line authors.

And that was a problem. I came to believe that authors, by and large, were too insular. They were so busy talking to each other that they didn’t have much time left over for their readers. So, on June 28, 2011, I shut down “The Life of a Thriller Author.” The next day, I launched Guerrilla Explorer. For almost two years, I’ve written articles on mysteries of history, lost treasure, and strange monsters. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. However, I’ve begun to question it as well. Guerrilla Explorer requires a lot of time and research. It often distracts me from my real goal, which is to write fiction. Plus, I’m not sure it’s doing a good job connecting readers to my fiction.

So, I want to try an experiment. I want to write about writing again. But this time, I don’t want to write about the business end of it. I want to write about creation. I love talking about creativity. It’s one of my greatest passions.

For the next few days, I’m going to give you a front-row seat to the development of my upcoming book as well as future projects (I work on three or four books at a time). I want to talk about my inspirations. I want to show you my character sketches. I want to unveil my storyboards. And since fiction is always influenced by life, I want to open up that door to you as well. That’s no simple task. As my closest friends can attest too, I’m notoriously close-lipped.

I don’t want to give away major plot points. But I would like to give you an inside look at how I create stories. If it goes well, I’ll expand the experiment. If not, I’ll switch back to the usual stuff you’ve come to expect from me. But ultimately, I’d love to use this site to give you greater access to the worlds I create. In the future, that could involve short stories, contests, comics strips, video games, etc.

So, stick with me and let’s see where this goes. Change is a good thing…

I think.

Chaos by David Meyer

Happy Guerrilla Explorer Day!

Happy Guerrilla Explorer Day! It’s hard for us to believe it, but Guerrilla Explorer has now been in operation for a full year. We thought we’d take a break from our normal routine to tell all of you a little about where we’ve been and where we’re going. So, let’s get started!

Chaos by David Meyer

Guerrilla Explorer – Year in Review

Guerrilla Explorer launched on June 29, 2011 with our first two articles, A Manifesto and The Hunt for Bin Laden’s Corpse. Over the last twelve months, we’ve published over 360 articles on a wide variety of subjects, most recently on the Baltic Anomaly late last night. Our monthly traffic has grown ~1,600% and our average daily traffic is now in excess of our entire traffic for the month of July 2011. In addition, we fulfilled our goal of annual traffic in the six figures by a wide margin.

On the publishing front, we released our first novel, Chaos, on October 17, 2011. Although it’s been out less than a year, we have it on good authority that across all channels, Chaos ranks in the top 2% of all books sold, including both self-published and traditionally-published books. We’re quite proud of that success. Hopefully, the upcoming sequel will do even better. If you haven’t picked up your own copy of Chaos yet, we encourage you to do so and tell us what you think.

What’s Next for Guerrilla Explorer?

Going forward, you can expect the same high-quality articles on the topics we’re so fond of here at Guerrilla Explorer. There aren’t a lot of on-line magazines devoted to things like mysteries of history, lost treasures, monsters, and strange anomalies. So, we think we’ve carved out a unique niche for ourselves. With that being said, it’s become apparent to us that some changes are necessary. Here’s a few of them in no particular order…

  1. A New Format: For most of this year, we published Guerrilla Explorer as an ordinary blog. Recently, we’ve begun experimenting with magazine-style looks to better display our content. Our current format is a step-up, but we’ve got a ways to go. So, expect at least one more change in the near future.
  2. A New Home: It’s become apparent to us we’ve outgrown our little home on Blogger. Blogger is an excellent, easy-to-use service. However, it doesn’t really offer the same type of freedom and personalization found on WordPress. We’re not exactly eager to transform our library of content, but we think the upside outweighs the downside. There will probably be some hiccups along the way, so please bear with us.
  3. A New Community: While our content and repeat traffic has grown substantially, we have yet to fulfill one of our key goals…establishing a true community for all you Guerrilla Explorers out there. So, we plan on making some tweaks this year, which will hopefully change all that.

Those are just a few things we hope to improve here. Of course, none of it will happen right away but we hope to have made major strides by this time next year.

As far as our book publishing segment is concerned, a sequel (not a direct sequel though) to Chaos is underway. The first draft was completed several weeks ago and the second draft is about 30% done. This book is actually the first of a three-part miniseries, starring archaeologist-turned-treasure hunter Cy Reed. It’s similar to a serial novel, but each installment will be long (300 to 400 pages) and self-contained (i.e. they will have their own beginnings and endings).

We’re also considering publishing some of our non-fiction content here on Guerrilla Explorer in book form. If there’s any interest in this, let us know!

Guerrilla Explorer’s Analysis

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks to all of you for your support thus far. If you wish to contribute to Guerrilla Explorer, our doors are open for individual guest posts and articles on the various subjects we cover. Just drop us a line.

Thanks again!

The Book of the Dead?

The Book of the Dead refers to a type of ancient Egyptian funerary text, first used around 1550 BC. Its purpose was to help the dead navigate the dangerous path to the afterlife. For many years, historians have searched the globe for pages from the most famous Book of the Dead. It belonged to Amenhotep, the Chief Builder of the Temple of Amun. However, those efforts have been thwarted…until now.

The Book of the Dead?

Recently, Dr. John Taylor of the British Museum discovered the missing papyrus pages in Queensland Museum. Here’s more from The Daily Mail:

The last missing pages from a supposedly ‘magical’ Book of the Dead from an Egyptian priest, Amenhotep, have been found after a century-long search – in a museum in Queensland.

British Museum Egyptologist Dr John Taylor said he was ‘floored’ by the discovery of the 100 fragments.

It’s the end of a worldwide search by archaeologists for the papyrus scroll – which supposedly contains spells to guide spirits into the afterlife.

Ms Bates said British Museum Curator and world renowned Egyptologist Dr John Taylor had stumbled across a section of the manuscript as part of a Queensland Museum display.

‘After spotting the piece Dr Taylor was shown the other 100 plus fragments held in the Museum’s stores and was floored by what he had uncovered,’ Ms Bates said.

‘These unsuspecting papyrus pieces form the missing part of a highly historically valuable ‘Book of the Dead’ that belonged to the Chief Builder of the temple of Amun, Amenhotep.

‘Sections of this precious manuscript have laid scattered across the globe for a hundred years with some of the pieces held safely in the collections of British Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), New York…

(See The Daily Mail for the rest)