Broken People by David Meyer

The Broken Nature Trilogy comes to an End!

Broken People by David MeyerAt last, we’ve reached the finish line! That’s right, folks … today, I’m releasing Broken People, the final book in the epic Broken Nature trilogy.

Long ago, the mysterious Broken Apocalypse ravaged Earth, drying up its surface water and reducing its soil to dust. Billions perished of thirst …

Broken Nature is an action-packed, post-apocalyptic series, one that revolves around the mind-boggling disappearance of Earth’s surface water. It stars two very different people—Titus Foster and Kayden Kell—as they fight to fix a very broken nature. No spoilers here, but this final book is truly awesome. You’re going to love how it ends!

If you haven’t tried the series yet, you’re in luck. Starting today, the Broken Lands ebook is on-sale for just $0.99! But act fast, because that price won’t last long.

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Two survivors, barely clinging to life.

One final chance to save the world.

Broken People … Broken Nature.

Titus Foster is broken. His home is gone. His people are dead. His friends are on the run. Dying of thirst, he’ll hike across the deadly hinterlands for one last battle against an unbeatable foe. Will he save humanity? Or watch it take its final breath?

Kayden Kell is broken, too. Her city is no more. Her fellow citizens have been destroyed. On the verge of defeat, she’ll take an incredible chance. One that could fix a broken world … or doom it forever.

Broken People is an unforgettable, post-apocalyptic adventure. International bestselling author David Meyer pulls out all of the stops in this spellbinding conclusion to the epic Broken Nature trilogy!

***Your copy of Broken People is just moments away. Click anywhere you see the title or cover, or the links below, to purchase it from Amazon!***

What’s Next?

In my last newsletter, I talked about an upcoming Cy Reed release. Unfortunately, it’s been put on hold for the time being. Long story short, we lost my father-in-law a few months ago and the impact of that tragedy is still reverberating through our family.

With that said, I’m still writing. I just don’t know what’s coming next. Regardless, I hope to get something out to you relatively soon. Stay tuned and I appreciate your patience!

Yours in Adventure,

David Meyer

Broken Ties

Broken Ties is here! Plus, Cy Reed News!

Broken TiesI’m thrilled to announce the release of Broken Ties, the second book in my ground-breaking Broken Nature trilogy. Broken Nature, as you’ll recall, takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which all of Earth’s surface water has vanished. Like all of my work, it’s stuffed to the brim with action and adventure, epic mysteries, and jaw-dropping twists!

Book Description
Two cities, ripped apart by fear. One secret that could save them … or end them forever.

Day and night, Titus Foster treks across the hinterlands, hunting for his hated brother, Dargon. Consumed with vengeance, he fails to see that Natica is splitting apart … until it’s too late. A sudden, violent coup erupts in the heart of the city. Forced to flee, Titus races toward a legendary mountain fortress known as the Shell. An astonishing secret awaits him, one that could unite his people … or send them spiraling into civil war.

Meanwhile, age-old secrets rock Luminosity. Framed and vilified, Kayden Kell must run for her life. Hunted by a growing mob, she delves deep into the city’s disturbing history. What she uncovers could bring about her people’s salvation … or their total destruction.

Broken Ties is a rip-roaring, post-apocalyptic adventure, perfect for fans of mystery-box TV shows like Wayward Pines and the 100 as well as for readers of Greig Beck, Hugh Howey, Blake Crouch, Michael C. Grumley, A.G. Riddle, and Jeremy Robinson. This heart-pounding tale will stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page!

***Your copy of Broken Ties is just moments away. Click anywhere you see the title or cover, or the links below, to purchase it from Amazon!***

What’s Next?

Next up, we’ve got Broken People, the epic finale of the Broken Nature trilogy! It goes live on May 6, 2021. Pre-order it today by clicking the above link or the cover.Broken People

After that, we’ve got … Cy Reed! That’s right, Cy Reed is back after a way-too-long hiatus. This new story, tentatively entitled, Curse of Eden, is the first book in my all-new, Cy Reed: Lost Cities series. These books will explore our intrepid hero’s early days, prior to the events of Chaos. Curse of Eden is in its final round of edits and should be finished in the next week. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cover to share with you yet. Expect to see it in my next newsletter, though!

In closing, I have a favor to ask of you. Reviews are a huge driver of book sales, so leaving one—or even just a rating—makes it possible for me to keep doing this. So, please take a few moments and leave a review for Broken Ties on Amazon and / or Goodreads. Thanks in advance … I deeply appreciate it!

Yours in Adventure,
David Meyer