SAVAGE by David Meyer

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I'm thrilled to announce the release of SAVAGE, the follow-up to the international hit, BEHEMOTH. As a special perk, I'm offering SAVAGE to all of you at a significant discount. For the next week, the eBook will cost just $0.99. The paperback, in turn, will be priced at $9.99. After that, prices will rise to $3.99 and $14.99, respectively. So, make sure to get your copy as soon as possible!

SAVAGE, the second book in the Apex Predator series, depicts Zach Caplan's desperate search for survival in the midst of the Behemoth Apocalypse. Full of thrills and surprises, the pre-publication response has been tremendous.

“A SAVAGE twist on the apocalypse!  David Meyer’s take on the post-apocalyptic thriller is sure to satisfy readers of science fiction and classic adventure alike!” ~David Wood, author of the Dane Maddock Adventures

“Raging, rip-roaring prehistoric predator mayhem in a post-apocalyptic world! SAVAGE, David Meyer’s second installment in his riveting Apex Predator series, ramps up the adrenaline-fueled pandemonium to a degree I never thought possible.” ~Rick Chesler, author of Landing Party and Jurassic Dead

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Savage Excerpt

Zach Caplan tightened his grip on the steering wheel as a distant roar accosted his ears. It lasted no more than a few seconds before giving way to eerie silence. There was no response. No sudden bursts of gunfire, no rushing jets, no booming explosions. All of those noises had ceased months earlier. Which could only mean one thing.

The war between mankind and beast was over.

And mankind had lost.

The war between mankind and beast is over.

And mankind lost.

Earth lies in ruins. Billions of people are dead. Enormous creatures—behemoths—tower over everything, devastating cities and feeding on the scattered remnants of humanity.

Zach Caplan is a survivor. After war broke out, he fled to Maine’s remote wilderness. Hiding in the shadows, he salvaged supplies and lived off the dying land. He thought he was safe. But a sudden and brutal attack proved otherwise.

Rising from the ashes, he launches a desperate search for answers. Unfortunately, the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine. For a terrifying new threat is on the horizon. And Caplan is the only thing standing between mankind and a fate worse than extinction.

Survival expert Zach Caplan faces the behemoth apocalypse in this spectacular new novel from international bestselling author David Meyer!


BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

BEHEMOTH reviewed in Nashua Telegraph

BEHEMOTH review time! So, BEHEMOTH got a very nice review from the Nashua Telegraph recently. I haven't really sought out many professional reviews in my career, primarily because I don't do a lot of marketing. But I recently decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Here's a taste …

BEHEMOTH REVIEW (Nashua Telegraph)

"Meyer's writing is the best parts of the style of a Michael Crichton or a Tom Clancy. He also gives a supernatural, Stephen King-type feel to his personification of the creepy forest and its dark secrets. This adventure is bold and exciting, and postulates some real-world concerns and a fatalistic future. I'm thrilled that "Behemoth" is the first book in Meyer's "Apex Predator" series - and only slightly miffed that I must wait to find out what happens to these characters next."

Read the rest here. And if you haven't read BEHEMOTH yet, pick up your copy today!


BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

Are you ready for BEHEMOTH?!

I've waited a long time to say this … BEHEMOTH is here! BEHEMOTH is the first book in my brand new Apex Predator series and it's full of all the things you've come to love about the Cy Reed books … explosive action, multi-layered mysteries, shocking twists, and vicious monsters.

BEHEMOTH has been in the works for a while now. I even did a stint in a well-known survival school to prep for it. The result is something I'm extremely proud of and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best thing I've ever written.

Now, let's take a look at BEHEMOTH!


"Zach Caplan halted at the corner of 73rd Street and York Avenue. His eyes closed over. His head tilted skyward and he perked his ears. The cry had rung out from half a block away, filling his brain with its strangely pleasing resonance. There was something horribly wonderful about the cry of prey, about the roar of a pursuing predator. Horrible because of death’s finality. Wonderful because death, in so many ways, fostered new life. For the first time in forever, Caplan felt at home."

BEHEMOTH by David Meyer

The Vallerio Forest. Millions of acres of undeveloped land, cut off from the outside world by giant fences, armed guards, and government edicts. It’s widely considered an ecological paradise. But beneath its majestic canopy lies a dark underbelly of strange creatures, secret facilities, and horrifying experiments.

Five months ago, survival expert Zach Caplan swore off the wild and moved to New York City. But when trouble strikes his ex-girlfriend, famed biologist Amanda Morgan, he must return to the forest that nearly destroyed him. This, however, will prove far more difficult than he could ever imagine.

For something is stirring within the Vallerio. Something ancient, something deadly. And as Caplan fights to untangle the terrifying truth about the dark forest, he will come to an inescapable conclusion. The fate of humanity is in his hands … and one wrong move could mean extinction.

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Dasnoe Monster

Dasnoe Monster: A First Look?

It’s Apex Predator Thursday here at David Meyer Creations and you know what that means … another document from the ill-fated Dasnoe Expedition of 1904! This week, we get our first glimpse of the strange Dasnoe Monster that reportedly attacked Professor Joseph Dasnoe’s expedition, killing six students in the process. In other news, the first Apex Predator book, Behemoth, is coming along right on schedule. While you wait for it, why not check out my latest Cy Reed novel, Vapor?

The Dasnoe Monster: Revealed?

We’re pleased to release the third document of our Dasnoe Expedition series today. The Dasnoe Expedition was led by famed zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe. Back in 1904, he received permission from the Corbotch Foundation to visit northern New Hampshire’s vast—and largely unexplored—Vallerio Forest. Accompanied by numerous Highforth College faculty members and students, Dasnoe set forth on September 24, 1904. Just four days later, he was forced to cut the expedition short when six students fell prey to a pack of animals, widely reported in the media as wolves. Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his short life trying to convince an uncaring public that the creatures who’d attacked his expedition weren’t wolves.

Rather, they were something else.

Today, we’re pleased to share the so-called “Dasnoe Monster” photograph with you. It’s the second of a two-part message Prof. Dasnoe sent to President Teddy Roosevelt roughly a month after the attack. You can find the first part here. Unfortunately, the Dasnoe Monster image, along with the accompanying text, was defaced by an unknown party shortly after being received. Please see the curator note for more information.

Our Apex Predator site is still growing. So, make sure to stop by and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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The first novel in the Apex Predator universe, Behemoth, is still being written. But you can get Vapor right now! Vapor is the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series. As we speak, it’s sitting at #9 & #3 on the U.S. and UK Pulp Best Sellers lists and #22 & #19 on the U.S. and UK Men’s Adventure lists. It’s also the #3 & #4 Hot New Release in the U.S. Pulp and U.S. Men’s Adventure categories. Get your copy at one of the following links today!

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Dasnoe Monster

Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt

Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt?

Last week, we announced our brand-new Apex Predator site and revealed the first document from the ill-fated Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. This week, we push forward with the first of two photographs, sent by Joseph Dasnoe to famed monster hunter Theodore Roosevelt. Also, while you’re waiting for Apex Predator to launch, why not check out Vapor?

Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt?

Over the last eighteen months, our team of dedicated researchers has been pulling together any and all documents related to the infamous Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. In the process, we’ve compiled an incredible treasure trove of old photographs, letters, and other items related to this extremely strange period of American history. And as we prepare for the upcoming launch of Behemoth, the first book in the Apex Predator series, we’re taking the opportunity to release those documents to all of you!

This week, we’re publishing the first of a two-part photographic series. We’re calling this particular photograph, “Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt.” It represents Joseph Dasnoe’s second attempt at luring fabled monster hunter Teddy Roosevelt into the isolated Vallerio Forest in search of mysterious—and ungodly—creatures. Incidentally, the “curator note” at the bottom of this photograph was added by our research team. It will make much more sense when we release the second photo of this mini-series.

Our Apex Predator site is still growing. But make sure to stop by and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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Have you bought Vapor yet? No? Well, why wait any longer? Vapor is the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series. As we speak, it’s sitting at #8 & #1 on the U.S. and UK Pulp Best Sellers lists and #17 & #9 on the U.S. and UK Men’s Adventure lists. It’s also the #2 & #7 Hot New Release in the U.S. Pulp and U.S. Men’s Adventure categories. Get your copy at one of the following links today!

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Monster Hunter Teddy Roosevelt

The Dasnoe Letter

The Dasnoe Letter: Welcome to Apex Predator!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Apex Predator site! Behemoth, the first book in the Apex Predator world, is still in production. But in the meantime, we’d like to whet your appetites with a little taste of our newest acquisition, a treasure trove of letters, photos, and other items straight from the ill-fated Dasnoe Expedition of 1904. First up … the infamous Dasnoe Letter, reporting on the existence of ungodly creatures in the mysterious Vallerio Forest! And on a side note, have you bought Vapor yet?

The Dasnoe Letter

As I mentioned earlier, today marks the official launch of our Apex Predator site. Apex Predator’s origins lie in the private—and gated—Vallerio Forest. As some of you already know, famous zoologist Professor Joseph Dasnoe led a well-known expedition—reporters of the time compared it to the Lewis & Clark expedition—to the Vallerio in 1904. The expedition ended in awful tragedy and Professor Dasnoe spent the rest of his rather short life working to destroy the Vallerio and everything in it. Today’s document, the recently-restored Dasnoe Letter (Professor Dasnoe’s first letter to then-President Theodore Roosevelt) hints at the ungodly creatures that once inhabited the Vallerio. You can read the Dasnoe Letter below.

At the moment, the Apex Predator site is pretty bare. Expect that to change as we head toward Behemoth’s launch date. So, stick around … there’s lots to come!

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Have you bought Vapor yet? No? Well, why wait any longer? Vapor, the fourth novel in the Cy Reed Adventure series, is on-sale! Get your copy at one of the following links today!

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The Dasnoe Letter