Behemoth by David Meyer

See how the Behemoth Apocalypse begins in Book 1 of the blockbuster Apex Predator series, the latest phenomenon from international bestselling author David Meyer!

The Vallerio Forest. Millions of acres of undeveloped land, cut off from the outside world by giant fences, armed guards, and government edicts. It’s widely considered an ecological paradise. But beneath its majestic canopy lies a dark underbelly of strange creatures, secret facilities, and horrifying experiments. 

Five months ago, survival expert Zach Caplan swore off the wild and moved to New York City. But when trouble strikes his ex-girlfriend, famed biologist Amanda Morgan, he must return to the forest that nearly destroyed him. This, however, will prove far more difficult than he could ever imagine.

For something is stirring within the Vallerio. Something ancient, something deadly. And as Caplan fights to untangle the terrifying truth about the dark forest, he will come to an inescapable conclusion. The fate of humanity is in his hands … and one wrong move could mean extinction.

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SAVAGE by David Meyer

The Behemoth Apocalypse kicks into high gear in Book 2 of the thrilling Apex Predator series, the hit phenomenon from international bestselling author David Meyer!

The war between mankind and beast is over. And mankind lost.

Earth lies in ruins. Billions of people are dead. Enormous creatures–behemoths–tower over everything, devastating cities and feeding on the scattered remnants of humanity.

Zach Caplan is a survivor. After war broke out, he fled to Maine’s remote wilderness. Hiding in the shadows, he salvaged supplies and lived off the dying land. He thought he was safe. But a sudden and brutal attack proved otherwise.

Rising from the ashes, he launches a desperate search for answers. Unfortunately, the stakes are higher than he could ever imagine. For a terrifying new threat is on the horizon. And Caplan is the only thing standing between mankind and a fate worse than extinction.

Survival expert Zach Caplan faces the Behemoth Apocalypse in this spectacular new novel from international bestselling author David Meyer!

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