David Meyer

David Meyer is an adventurer and international bestselling author. Praised for his full-throttle pacing and thrilling, twisty plots, his books have topped numerous Kindle Best Seller & Hot New Releases lists.

David's love for storytelling developed at an early age. Much of his childhood was devoted to constructing toys, inventing games, and building elaborate cities out of blocks and legos. Years later, he graduated from the University of Rochester, first with a BA and then with an MBA. He made his way to Wall Street, but never lost his love of storytelling. Eventually, he quit his job and moved his family out of the city. Hunkering down in a tiny apartment, he began writing and creating all over again.

David has consulted on a variety of television shows over the years. Most recently, he made an appearance on H2’s #1 hit original series, America Unearthed. He lives with his wife and son in New Hampshire.



Q. I love your books! What's next and when can I get it?

A. I gave up on a formal publishing schedule a long time ago. So, if you want to keep up-to-date on my books, subscribe to my newsletter and consider following me on AmazonFacebook and/or Twitter.

Q. Who is your cover artist / editor / book formatter?

A. I do almost all of that stuff. No, really! The sole exception is editing, in which I'm aided by my lovely wife, Julie.

Q. Would you like to collaborate with me on a graphic novel / movie / television show / video game / crazy idea?

A. Possibly! I'm always open to new things and new ways of telling stories. Drop me a line and we'll discuss it.



David Meyer exploring Montana